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Scientific Reports

25 janvier 2017

Scientific Reports
Dynamics of Bemisia tabaci biotypes and insecticide resistance in Fujian province in China during 2005–2014


The whitefly Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) is an important agricultural insect pest worldwide. The B and Q biotypes are the two most predominant and devastating biotypes prevalent across China. However, there are few studies regarding the occurrence of the Q biotype in Fujian Province, China, where high insecticide resistance has been reported in the B biotype. Differences in some biological characteristics between the B and Q biotypes, especially insecticide resistance, are considered to affect the outcome of their competition. Extensive surveys in Fujian revealed that the B biotype was predominant during 2005–2014, whereas the Q biotype was first detected in some locations in 2013 and widely detected throughout the province in 2014. Resistance to neonicotinoids (that have been used for more than 10 years) exhibited fluctuations in open fields, but showed a continual increasing trend in protected areas. Resistance to lambda-cyhalothrin, chlorpyrifos, and abamectin exhibited a declining trend. Resistance to novel insecticides, such as nitenpyram, pymetrozine, sulfoxaflor, and cyantraniliprole, in 2014 was generally below a moderate level. A decline in insecticide resistance in the B biotype and the rapid buildup of protected crops under global temperature increase may have promoted the establishment of the Q biotype in Fujian.


Entomology, Invasive species

Yao, F.-L., Zheng, Y., Huang, X.-Y., Ding, X.-L., Zhao, J.-W., Desneux, N., He, Y.-X., and Weng, Q.-Y. (2017). Dynamics of Bemisia tabaci biotypes and insecticide resistance in Fujian province in China during 2005–2014. Scientific Reports 7, 40803.

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