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See details of the breakthroughs by clicking in the list below.
  1. Identification of putative H2O2 protein targets in the rhizobial symbiosis (Symbiose Team).
  2. Transcriptome and metabolome profiling reveal commonalities and specificities of the processes involved in accommodating rhizobial symbionts and parasitic root knot nematodes (Symbiose & IPN Team).
  3. The plant cytoskeleton and cell cycle progression are maneuvered by sedentary phytoparasitc nematodes (IPN Team).
  4. Root-knot nematode secreted effectors are injected into the plant and target the host apoplasm and cell nucleus to establish feeding cells. (IPN Team).
  5. Lateral gene transfers have contributed to the genome composition and evolution of plant-parasitism in root-knot nematodes (IPN Team).
  6. The presence of secondary symbionts affects the immune aphid phenotype (ESIM Team).
  7. Sex-determination: a genetic basis common to bees, bumblebees and ants (ESIM Team).
  8. Light- induced electron transfer and ATP synthesis in a carotene synthesizing insect (GEP Team).
  9. An insect-specific P450 oxidative decarbonylase for cuticular hydrocarbon biosynthesis (ID Team).
  10. Genetics of biocontrol agents: Does intraspecific hybridization matter? (RDLB Team).
  11. Recent advances in the biocontrol of mealybugs in France (RDLB Team).
  12. Host phylogeny can influence success of parasitic wasps (TEAPEA Team).
  13. Hybridization and dispersal of the invasive western corn rootworm in Europe (BPI Team).
  14. Habitat fragmentation can have strong evolutionary impact on insect parasitoids (TEAPEA Team).
  15. "Secondary plant" species seems efficient to control pest with predators in greenhouse (TEAPEA Team).
  16. Seasonality causes disruptive selection in plant parasites (TEAPEA Team).
  17. Bt crops can promote biological control services (TEAPEA Team).
  18. Evidence for specificity and cost of virulence in resistant-solanaceous* crops / nematode interactions (IPN Team).
  19. Scientific publication: Rejected manuscripts receive citation boost (TEAPEA Team).