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Funded projects and grants

European grants

dropsa logo
  • FP7-KBBE-2013-7 DROPSA - WP leader
    • "Strategies to develop effective, innovative and practical approaches to protect major European fruit crops from pests and pathogens"
    • Coordinator : N. Audsley
    • Website :

French National Research Agency grants (ANR)

Logo ANR
  • ANR "IMetSym" (2014-2017)
    • "Immune and metabolic control in intracellular insect symbiosis"
    • Coordinator: A. Heddi (BF2I, Lyon, France)       
  • ANR Contaminants and Environnement - CESA ImBio (2013-2017)
    • "Impact of a chronic intoxication by Bt k bioinsecticides on intestinal homeostasis and immune responses : from insect to mammals" 
    • Coordinator: A. Gallet (BES-ISA)
  • ANR "Sextinction" (2010-2014)
    • "Extinctions in the Hymenoptera: genes, behaviour and the dynamics of bottlenecked populations"
    • Coordinator: X. Fauvergue (BPI-ISA)
  • ANR "Paratoxose" (2009-2012)
    • "Toxins of Parasitoids: Origin, Specificity, Evolution"
    • Coordinator: M. Poirié
  • ANR "Climevol" (2008-2012)
    • "Climate change and evolution of host-parasitoid interactions: from molecules to communities"
    • Coordinator: J. van Baaren (Univ. Rennes, France)
  • ANR "EvParasitoid" (2005-2008)
    • "Evolution and specificity of host-parasitoid interactions"
    • Coordinator: JM Drezen (IRBI, Tours, France)
  • ANR ECOGER "Ecco" (2005-2008)
    • "Continental ecosphere, processes, modelling and environmental risks"
    • Coordinators: F. Vanlerbergue-Masutti - M. Plantagenest

Sequencing projects 

logo Genoscope
  •  Coordination of a sequencing project - French National Sequencing Center "Génoscope" (2007-2008) 
    • "Parasitoid virulence genes expressed in venom". Coordinator : M. Poirié
  • Coordination of a sequencing project - French National Sequencing Center "Génoscope" (2008/2009)
    • "The viral machineries producing wasp symbiotic viruses". Coordinator : JM Drezen (IRBI, Tours, France)
  • i5K initiative (sequencing of insect genomes): participation through the BAPOA network
    • Ongoing sequencing of an endoparasitoid genome. Coordinator : D. Tagu

Projects funded by INRA - "Plant health - environment" department

  • "Resistance/Virulence in host-parasitoid systems: molecular, physiological and evolutionary aspects" (2005-2007)
    • Coordinator : M. Poirié
  • "Influence of an aphid ecology on the functioning and ecology of the associated parasitoid populations" (2008-2010)
    • Coordinators : Y. Outreman (Bio3P Rennes) et M. Poirié 
  • "Characterisation and comparison of venom molecules in aphid parasitoids: cys-rich peptides and gamma-glutamyl transpeptidases" (2009)
    • Coordinator: M. Poirié
  • "Intra-specific variability  and experimental evolution of virulence markers in the biological control auxiliary Psyttalia  lounsburyi" (2010)
    • Coordinators M. Poirié and N. Ris (RDLB-ISA)
  • "Identification of the components and genes of the immune response of Circulifer haematoceps and analysis of their expression in response to infection by the phytopathogen Mollicute Spiroplasma citri" (2010)
    • A. Heddi (BF2I Lyon), N. Bouvery (INRA Bordeaux), M. Poirié
  • "Transport and targeting of venom toxins of parasitoids" (2011)
    • Coordinator : JL Gatti
  • "Evolution of venom in a biological control auxiliary, Psyttalia lounsburyi, and association between venomic markers and parasitism success" (2012)
    • Coordinator: T. Malausa (BPI-ISA)
  • "Development of the ARN interference method for an endoparasitoid species" (2013)
    • Coordinator : D. Colinet

Projects funded by the PACA region

  • APEX Suzu-kill (2012-2013): equipment (117 000 euros) and post-doctoral funding (12 months)
    • "Research and development of biological control methods against the agronomic pest Drosophila suzukii"
    • Coordinator: Jean-Luc Gatti
  • PhD funding INRA - PACA region:
    • 2008-2011 : "Immune interactions between aphids and parasitoids: physiological and molecular aspects"
    • 2010-2013 : "Success of a parasitoid biological control auxiliary: variability and evolution of venom proteins"

LabEx (Laboratory of Excellence) - "Investments in the Future" programme


Labex Signalife

  • SIGNALIFE (2012-2020): "Network of innovation on signalling pathways in life science"