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Plantes et Système de cultures Horticoles

Plantes et Systèmes de culture Horticoles

Proposition pour projet de stage M2

image stage M2
Internship proposal for an MSc Thesis – 2017

 Using metabolomics to assess the genetic variability of quality in goji berries

Location: Avignon, France

Host labs:

  • PSH – Plants and Systems in Horticulture (INRA, National Institute for Research in Agronomy)
  • QUALISUD – Metabolomics platform (UAPV, University of Avignon)


  • Dr. Anne-Laure Fanciullino (PSH, INRA): anne-laure.fanciullino@inra.fr
  • Dr. Raphaël Lugan (Metaboscope, UAPV): raphael.lugan@univ-avignon.fr

 Period: July-December 2017 (indicative, may be adapted)


Fruits and vegetables are a central component of the human diet. Their regular consumption is associated to the prevention of chronic diseases. Among fruits of nutritional interest, the goji fruits or wolfberries are of particular importance, due to their markedly high content in antioxidant compounds.

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