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Plantes et Système de cultures Horticoles

Plantes et Systèmes de culture Horticoles

Projet européen BreedOmics (2011-2015)

Fruit Breedomics has as its strategic goal to improve the efficiency of fruit breeding by bridging the gap between scientific genetics research and application in breeding.

Fruit Breedomics takes a multidisciplinary approach, including genetics, genomics, ecophysiology and bioinformatics, to improve the efficiency apple and peach breeding programmes by: i) developing new and adapted tools, ii) studying a wide range of traits to enlarge the coverage of selection criteria, iii) analysing and exploiting the wide genetic diversity available, iv) making the research outputs (valuable traits, genetic markers and genes, innovative tools and methodologies, new plant material) directly applicable for the breeders, v) establishing a stakeholder network.