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UMR408 SQPOV is a joint research unit between UAPV  l’Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse and l’Inra  (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique),created from a common interest in quality and safety of processed fruit and vegetables. Research conducted by UMR408 SQPOV primarily aim at developing scientific excellence and expertise in the scientific domains “Food Science and Technology”, “Food Chemistry” and “Food Microbiology”. We are about 50 permanent staff, plus 20-30 PhDs and post-doctoral fellows, organised in four teams: Micronut (micronutriments reactivity and digestion) Sporalim (spore-forming bacterias in the food chain); Quality & Process; GREEN (groupe d’éco-extraction des produits naturels).

Our mission is to develop a multidisciplinary approach of the quality and the safety of fruit and vegetable products relying on strong disciplinary expertise of the different teams with an integrated knowledge on the fruit and vegetable chain. The aim of UMR408 SQPOV is to contribute to durability of the fruit and vegetable chain by an integrated approach of fruit and vegetable processing, with a holistic view of their qualities from the raw material to the plate. Major research areas are the risks linked to pathogenic and spoilage micro-organisms, and the benefits due to their micronutrients, both nutritional benefits as food constituents or functional interest as ingredients after extraction, and measuring and understanding the phenomena that take place during fruit and vegetable processing. UMR408 has in particular strong expertise on plant micronutrients and secondary metabolites (polyphenols, carotenoids), their structure identification, quantification, extraction and reactivity, and on spore-forming bacteria.


UMR408 SQPOV is located in Avignon, with two locations at INRA and at University of Avignon.

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