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Fungal genomics

Functional annotation of lignocellulolytic oxidoreductases

Technological breakthroughs linked to the high-throughput sequencing of genomes open unprecedented perspectives for the large-scale analysis and the comparison of fungal genomes. In front of this wealth of information, the exploration of the computational biodiversity takes a new dimension allowing to deepen our knowledge on the degradation of the vegetable cell walls.

In 2008, a database dedicated to the annotation of ligninolytic enzymes was created within the laboratory. This database named FOLy (Fungal Oxidative Lignin enzymes) allowed to investigate the repertoires of genes coding for ligninolytic enzymes within numerous fungal genomes.

A complete restructuring of this database was recently realized to improve and widen the classification by redefining the list of the covered families. Furthermore, new pipelines of functional predictions were set up to face the increasing data from numerous data-" omics ". This new classification is collectively realized between the laboratory and the AFMB laboratory (Team CAZy, CNRS).

This work relative to the new classification of ligninolytic enzymes as well as the annotation/comparison of several tens of fungal genomes were recently published in Biotechnology for Biofuel oils (link). All the public data is freely accessible on this link.

In parallel, phylogenomic studies are also realized within lignocellulolytic enzymes families to correlate the links between evolutionary changes and functional changes (phylogeny and Darwinian selection tests). Our purpose is to understand the adaptation of the mushroom in its environment.


(1) Anthony Levasseur, Elodie Drula, Vincent Lombard, Pedro M. Coutinho, Bernard Henrissat. Expansion of the enzymatic repertoire of the CAZy database to integrate auxiliary redox enzymes. Biotechnology for Biofuels 2013, 6:41 (doi:10.1186/1754-6834-6-41)