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Screening platform

Nowdays, fungal kingdom was estimated at more than 5 million species (Blackwell, 2011, American Journal of Botany 98 (3): 426-438). To explore its enzymatic and metabolic diversity, the UMR1163 developed a high throughput screening platform, adapted for filamentous fungi, including the Basidiomycetes, despite specific constraints due to this type of micro-organism (heterogeneous cultures, sporulation, pigmentation and viscosity). This platform offers its academic and industrial partners tailored solutions in the high-throughput functional screening of fungal biodiversity. Linked to the fungal collection CIRM-CF certified ISO 9001, our platform has for its screenings more than 2,000 original fungal strains, especially collected in the tropics areas.


A robotic platform Freedom Evo 200® (TECAN):

This platform is equipped by :

• A shaking incubator of microplate (25 to 55 ° C) TECAN
• A static heating block microplate (up to 100 ° C) EPPENDORF
• A multi-wavelength and fluorescent spectrophotometer with stirring and incubation TECAN
• A microplate sealer VELOCITY 11
• A filtration unit Te-Vacs ® for microplate TECAN

All equipment is intalled in a custom cabinet, for screening of microbial cultures.


Screening platform

Chromatography :
  • HPLC-DAD (Agilent) dedicated to phenolic compounds analysis
  • HPAEC-PAD (Dionex) for analysis of sugar (mono and oligosaccharides)
 Shaking incubators:
  • Minitron (INFORS) for fungal cultures using flasks (100mL) and 16-well plate (10mL)
  • Microtron (INFORS) dedicated to high-throughput screening of Pichia pastoris cultures using 24 (5mL) or 96-well plate (1mL)

Provided services

  • Development of high troughput method for screening fungal strains of CIRM-CF collection
  • Production of fungal  metabolites, enzymes and extracts
  • Characterization of fungal secretomes
  • Development of assays for enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass

Our Partners

  • Academic patrners in France: INRA (UMR IATE, GenoBois), ONF, FCBA, IRD (COM), CNRS (AFMB), IFPEN
  • Academic patrners in Europe: Utrech University and CBS-KNAWL (Netherlands), Micoteca da Universidade do Minho (Portugal), University of Athens (Greece)
  • Industrial partners (confidential)